Unknown journey of Daniel Rojas in celebrating the life

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Arrived in Zurich, Switzerland, in the kitchen with the working heater and hot tea on hands, we breathe in fresh air and share about the core of dance, live, social changing and beautiful memories on the road here. Aim to contribute ourselves to something bigger, soon I realize how kind, talented and heart-warming my new friends are. They are not just dancers, facilitators or teachers, they are real human beings. Thanks to the conversations in lovely kitchen, one of my new friend named Daniel(aka Sonic) and I, surprisingly discovered our connection with RedBull and B-Boying scene. By chance, we decided to put this article together, for sharing this wonderful journey in dance. Most importantly, continue to offer love and energy to the world.

Daniel Rojas as known as B-Boy Sonic, originally from Colombia and moved to Denmark when age sixteen. Found himself in Singapore for the new wave of life, he has continually contributed himself to dance, movements, performing art and entertainments for over twenty years. Focus on spreading healing love, inspirations and energy around the world, he is also the founder of legendary crew Natural Effects and Embodied Dance combining his own concept of movements and dance. Just like he said, his feeling toward dance is only growing stronger than ever.

I’m a traveler, a father, a lover, a teacher and a student. I’m no one, and at the same time, I’m everything!!!! I’m simply grateful,

As far as Daniel could remember, he always loves to dance. It was 1996 when he first met breakdance, right after moved to Denmark. Since then, he has been devoted himself to this wonderful dance with his heart and soul. And the ride is still unfolding itself by creating endless movements every second. Wondering how Daniel transforms between different styles and dance forms that seem more spiritual, he said to us, ‘In my understandings, everybody has a spirit, it makes us all spiritual beings. Every time I freeze, I simply try listening to my body more. In that silence, I found the real music. The music of my heart playing by my spirit.’ That melodies guide him through every step and move, direct him to use dance to a full potential. Not longer, Daniel bumped into Meditation and Yoga, along with many other amazing art forms of movements. Following by that, slowly Embodied Dance was born, a creation from his personal journey as a dancer, a mover. Breakdance was just one of the key to open the door of this endless journey. For now, he’s blessed to share the dance in different communities through facilitating Embodied Dance around the world, also support the art of movements to grow. Furthermore, Daniel and his beloved created a dance journey called Shiva Devi Dance Journey, a form of ecstatic dance where he plays instruments along to a playlist he mixes, to bring people into a two hours dance meditation journey. He also teaches in conscience physical conditioning training, yoga and active meditations sometimes.


Curious about his story, we softly share some conversations in the kitchen under the candles lights. As he said, those memories are more like magical and unforgettable moments for him. Those unknown spots on this earth where he has been experienced many times because of dance. Like dog sledge in the mountains of Greenland, or meditating in Crystal Caves in Malaysia, through his sharing, those stories became part of my memories in life journey. In the end, he said, ‘what makes this journey unforgettable is to have the opportunities to be able to share endless inspirations, regardless wherever I go and whoever I meet. We all meet humbly through movements and dance. I consider myself very blessed.’

How do you describe the relationship between music and movements in your choreography?

Simplicity, unmasked, honest, freedom, creative, celebration, live, love and dance.

Resonated with modern society, political and human races dilemma, what’s your perspectives concerning to take responsibilities as an artist on this planet?

For me, art isn’t particularly one thing. If I do describe it as a thing, it is the only thing we can come to touch and have, but just for a moment. In my opinion, everybody is an artist, an artist of life. So in this life, we are experiencing, we have to be open to keep learning, in order to share some more. By doing so, we can educate each other’s hearts, and help each other to see the realities more clear, which is what this beautiful planet is going through. Our responsibility is to evolve consciously.

To leave peacefully and joyfully with yourself. Acceptance and learn to let it go, until you find yourself in pure, unmasked and endless LOVE, for yourself and the rest of the world.

What music you are listening recently?

Music that fills me with inspirations for more creations, like having a story or a message behind. Music full of magical endless rhythms that it can bring me in and out through wonderful journeys, and leaves my heart with a big smile.

Best events/parties/festival you ever been?

 Oh so many. In Hip Hop culture, I would say Battle Of the Year, IBE, UK B-Boy Championships, Euro Battle, Red Bull BC One and Floor Wars, etc…In the spiritual community, would be Bali Spirit Festival, Sound & Silence Festival in Greece and soon some more to add to list.

With many thanks to Daniel Rojas
Original article in Mandarin contributing to Red Bull please see the link.


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