Organik Festival 2016


The moon is so bright, a blurry huge shadow that people waving hands just show it on a stone wall which right across the stage. Stand barefoot on the sand, the rain sudden fall. People stand on the sandy beach beside me, with big smiles on faces start dancing hard. Some of them look up to the sky, some of them close eyes with rhythm. The weather is perfect. Warm breeze. Rain is drifting. We blossom and celebrate. At that moment, I’m not me, I’m everyone, I’m us.

We walk through the little wooden bridge, sitting beside huge campfires, you sudden been carry away by thoughts. I lie down to rest. After hours, the music starts getting hardcore, we stand up and walk back, with a bright orange fire’s shadow on the back. I still remember I open up both arms at that moment. When we almost get close to the stage, sounds like a bunch of frogs sudden stop, obviously because of the music change. We stop and look at each other, and those frogs start singing again, right on another music drop. It’s a moment, I feel the magic and power of nature.

In the last morning of celebration, after dancing days and nights, K turns to me say, ‘do you wanna lie down on the stone with me?’ I agree. That stone is with magic. It’s a big round settle stone sitting beside the road toward the main stage on the beach. My soul totally surrender to it, while my skin feels cool in the night time, warm in the daytime. K says, ‘you are my sister, even cross the ocean.’ After I don’t remember for how long, E comes to us and say, ‘my two girls,’ S also stop in front of us to catch this moment with his camera. We decided to climb all the way up, not for the sunrise, but for the glimpse of mother earth. The road is muddy and steep, but for somehow they help me get up there. We sit down and amaze by the view, so we stop, breath and dive into it. Sudden, far away from the stage, the first round of morning set from DJ, spreading the secret aboriginal chanting sound in the air, I feel liberal and bless. It’s almost overwhelming, so I gently touch the shoulder of these partners say, ’this moment means a lot.’ I meant it, till now, I could still close my eyes and feel the air, sun and rain on my skin, and under my feet, music in my ear, view in front. There’s nothing to do, but to live. Celebrate the lives.

With many thanks to Organik team and everyone who was there.

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