What if I lost my (home)land? – LOTTO ROYALE 2022

The Lotto Royale is a two-day performance event. There were over 30 artists, sharing performances, practices, stories, treasured souvenirs and much more in intimate one-on-one encounters, created for individual audience members to experience.

“What if I lost my (home)land?” is as part of an ongoing, disentangling process of the post-colonial identity and political crisis in this flesh, this work reflects upon the collective memories of displacement and loss of one’s root. The soft red cotton rope here symbolizes the bloodline and the generation weight. It invites the audience to participate and experience the collective memories in the embodied ways.

Performed in Berlin around Fortuna on 12 & 13 August 2022
Curated and hosted by Club for performance Art Gallery and T.E.N.T.
Performed by Yin Cheng-Kokott, together with 30 artists

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