Women in Red for Libération – Amsterdam’s UITMARKT 2019

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A Feministic performance in the famous Pond on Museum Square. Represents a short introduction to the solo performance ‘Libération’ that will premiere at Fringe Amsterdam at CC Amstel Theater. A large group of strong women dance in water to express the universal #Metoo movement by repetitive intense movements reflecting the strong feminist call for change.

Performed at the Pond on Museumplein, Amsterdam, 24th August
Created by Tabitha Cholet
Photography byTabitha Cholet & Jocelyne Moreau
Videography by Michelle Täht
PERFORMED BY Ainoa Lopez, Albertine Swagemakers, Alice D’Angelo, Dengling Levine, Elena Fonseca Neves, Elettra Piaggi, Enea Mingorance, Eva Giselle Rizzonelli, Eva Huisman, Fée-Lise Verbon, Frederikke Schultz, Heelin Altiner, Ilse van der Voorn, Jasmijn Antonisse, Julia Kannewischer, Julia McCall, Laila el Bazi, Lenke Boswijk, Linda Provenza, Lotte Kimberly Ruijs, Manoek Retera, Mariana Behoteguy Chávez, Natasia Bode, Nene Okada, Olga German, Paola Ancona, Pauline Vasquez Iduma, Rhiannon Lea, Róisín Laffan, Ruth Jager, Sophie Barendse, Tabitha Cholet, Tereza Holubová, Yin cheng-kokott, Yulia Kalinchenko