Yin Cheng-Kokott is a Taiwanese transdisciplinary performance artist, somatic practitioner, choreographer, and pleasure activist. She is a student of yoga, contemporary dance, voice work and tarot. She holds a bachelor of arts in drama at the National Taiwan University of Arts. Yin has been collaborating with various artists such as Gugulethu Duma, Ashley Fure, Lilleth Glimcher, Okwui Okpokwasili, Tal Arditi, Viona Li, Shashrvacai, and Natalie Dodd. She was also part of residencies at Ancestral Body Noise, Brahman AI, and Oulu Dance Hack. 

Her work meditates on ancestral connections, empowerment through authentic expression, and non-linear imagination. Exploring the ever-expanding pathways of an embodied revolution through self-realization in the creative processes. She celebrates the erotic power of the body instrument. She is currently obsessed with ropes, knots, and pleasure research.