A contemporary dancer, journalist and cook. Who found love in symbols, body movements, sounds and human connections.
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For who are curious to hear more, my story has begun from here.

Part I

Sitting in a taxi, I say to the driver, take me to the temple. The driver seems kinda scared, indeed, its dark outside. Jump off the car, a little track right beside it, two other men also walk toward it. We start talking. A good feeling comes up. As long as I’m alone, this dark track with streaming river sound makes me feel settled. As long as getting closer, music and people talking noise coming along, some people walk down the aisle, everyone smilingly says hi. I smile. Conversations keep coming up with all different type of people. Purely open mind. Carry a red wine with me, I barely drink anything else, the music right on point, makes me nonstop dance through the night. Still, my legs ask me to rest, so I sit down in a djembe mixing rapping circle. and I begin to rap. This is the first time and also the end of my night. I leave the party pretty early, nevertheless, imagine these wonderful people I encounter here, would deeply influence my life.

Wonder night in Organik, you guys walk toward me on the beach, with all the shiny toys on hands, I feel like escaping into a gig, only in our mind, the trip world who share the same frequency. One of you sit down beside me during a cigarette break on the beach, you say, ‘you are different.’ I dive into the beauty of mother earth so deep, so I smile and simply pass the smoke to your hand. My head says, ‘everyone is different, you are different. And it’s once in a blue moon to share a moment like this with you all.’ I couldn’t ask for more.

Back in the city, almost one year after, I accidentally do the organic Jungle Party with most of the core people out of this big family. Walk through Taipei city, trip to the park and share most intimate thoughts. At some point, some of your faces melt in my head. In the park, I sit down to enter the different world, Everyone of you seems like a giant to me. We sing along for a while. That’s my last night in Taipei before going to the airport. On the way home, I start to see things clear, I meant to meet you. Maybe we are like wolves, when one wanna be part of the group, will find a clan and feel belonged. But most of the time, we are alone. Long after we awake from awareness, we finally realize, maybe there’s no you and me, its space, unlimited.

The reason I start to write these stories is for exchange and share with T. The title of this blog is when I mention my new name with M, he randomly responded to me. All these stories are from here to take off.

Part II

The first time to taste spicy mapo tofu which has been long lost is on a potluck style dinner party G invite me to, which means everyone bring a dish they made at home to share, and this time is the most unforgettable one. That night, there’s cheese in spicy pepper as appetite, German grains bread, San Francisco version of fried mushroom, mixed grains beans rice, strawberry peach salad, chocolate, spicy sour soup, and my favourite dish mapo tofu. Surprisingly all dishes match, it’s a wonderful night with dining and wine. Everyone I encounter, including K who joining us a bit after, are artists used to lived or now live in Berlin. After the meal, we all squeeze in the tiny balcony for a smoke or nice breeze. This city, everyone comes and goes, but those love, make me feel warm from the bottom of the heart, without a word.

Part III

peaches fall into the basket in summer 2017.