Portrait of self, photographed by Brinkley Capriola and Natalie Dodd.

Yin Cheng-Kokott is a multidisciplinary movement artist, certified yoga meditation teacher, tarot practitioner, maker, and pleasure activist. She holds a bachelor of arts in drama at the National Taiwan University of Arts. She starts professional training in contemporary dance, gaga, and various somatic bodywork since she moved to Berlin five years ago. Yin has been collaborating with various artists such as Gugulethu Duma, Ashley Fure, Lilleth Glimcher, Okwui Okpokwasili, Tal Arditi, Viona Li, Natascha Roy, Shashrvacai, and Natalie Dodd. She was also part of residencies at Ancestral Body Noise, Brahman AI, and Oulu Dance Hack. 

She has been working in publishers/ media such as Red Bull Taiwan and BANGS! Magazine since 2012, organizing events, photo shooting, interviewing human fellows, creating offline/ online content for the youth in Asia.  

She recently directed and created choreographies for dance films and live performances with multi-media installations. She meditates on tarot and yoga as a gateway to creative healing with others. Yin seeks to continue nurturing her creative skills for self-expressing and knowledge-sharing, with love.