Ancestral Research

Audio guide walk

A walk with ancestors

A reflection on our ancestry, collective memories of displacement, and death rituals in post-colonial society, seeking to support the unfolding and sensing of one’s thresholds in relation to time, space, and the body in different dimensions and with different rules.


Pushing through thresholds

Anchor around the power of sharing a collective process of revealing and unearthing the ancestral connections through rituals and re-remembered collective memories, this workshop will offer hand-on tools to begin one’s ancestral research, especially in the theme of dealing with intergenerational weights.

One-on-one live performance

What if I lost my (home)land?

As part of an ongoing, disentangling process of the post-colonial identity and political crisis in this flesh, this work reflects upon the collective memories of displacement and loss of one’s root.

Ritual video

Ancestral Body Noise: Ritual of Real(ese)

A ritual dance that born out of six weeks of incubation and research with Suelen Calonga, Sailesh Naidu, KooChaa, Indrani Ashe, and Gugulethu Duma.