{feature} 27 dance monkeys’ free playground – Be van Vark & Sven Seeger

Her house was located in the backyard of a typical Neukölln building for the residents. As I was invited to visit, Be van Vark opened the door asking me if I would like a tea. There it was, surprisingly, a concreted pumpkin standing in the backyard. You can have a 360 degrees view of the gardenContinue reading “{feature} 27 dance monkeys’ free playground – Be van Vark & Sven Seeger”

The born of Berlin Circus Festival – Josa Kölbel & John Hilliger

I met Kölbel and Hilliger at the Asian restaurant beside the theatre. They dress similar colors, sitting right across me. They are both German and the founder of Berlin Circus Festival; Josa Kölbel studied in Circus art and performance arts in France as a trapeze catcher; John Hilliger’s background is event management. They met eachContinue reading “The born of Berlin Circus Festival – Josa Kölbel & John Hilliger”

{feature} A ”modern” Flamenco woman dancing on the stage – Anna Castillo

I walked into the cafe in Wedding, waiting for Anna Castillo to enter. She showed out shortly, wearing a black top, black pants and a black pair of boots. Her hair was hanging down, unlike her stage image as I remembered. She is such a bright woman that you would easily recognise anywhere once youContinue reading “{feature} A ”modern” Flamenco woman dancing on the stage – Anna Castillo”

Berlin-based Club Oval Crossover Dance Battle

Berlin has its privilege to fusion all kinds of style by its diverse residents. One of the most influential events is exactly speaking the same language. An Boekman, dancer, choreographer and dance teacher, who has found the key ingredient for sharing her idea. She is the head of a big training centre for professional dancers:Continue reading “Berlin-based Club Oval Crossover Dance Battle”

Kazuma Glen Motomura who Speaks out for a better world

Kazuma Glen Motomura, half Japanese half Zimbabwean/South African. He mixes Hip Hop, contemporary dance and martial arts, to make artistic and political actions inside and outside of theatre for a better world. I met him right at the fusion battle in Berlin. In my head, I still remember one time he was wearing the maskContinue reading “Kazuma Glen Motomura who Speaks out for a better world”

Organik Festival 2016

The moon is so bright, a blurry huge shadow that people waving hands just show it on a stone wall which right across the stage. Stand barefoot on the sand, the rain sudden fall. People stand on the sandy beach beside me, with big smiles on faces start dancing hard. Some of them look up to the sky, some ofContinue reading “Organik Festival 2016”

New wave of Berlin-based Frantics

Various characters but close as family, Frantics is a Berlin-based dance company, found in 2015 by a group of young talents. They met each other in 2013, Berlin. Strike to be different from B-Boys scene, they decided to do something else. Due to the contacting source with the contemporary dance scene, they start to createContinue reading “New wave of Berlin-based Frantics”

Unknown journey of Daniel Rojas in celebrating the life

Arrived in Zurich, Switzerland, in the kitchen with the working heater and hot tea on hands, we breathe in fresh air and share about the core of dance, live, social changing and beautiful memories on the road here. Aim to contribute ourselves to something bigger, soon I realize how kind, talented and heart-warming my newContinue reading “Unknown journey of Daniel Rojas in celebrating the life”

The born of Berlin Diggs Deeper

Sometimes, a scene or short clip would communicate more than words, but when we speak about dance and performing art, the energy of self-witnessing is incomparable with anything else. I participated in a dance event as a dancer while doing my very first solo performance. It is a new form of dance event born inContinue reading “The born of Berlin Diggs Deeper”