Body of Light – Oulu Dance Hack 2019

Oulu Dance Hack is an annual research and performance event that is organized by TaikaBox and Oulu University of Applied Sciences (OAMK) to bring together art, industry and education in an unique way. We joined as participants to explore technology in a performance context, connecting with artists from across the globe and performing to thousands of visitors at Oulu Light Festival (LUMO).

Photos taken from our street lights group, during performances at LUMO 2019.

Performed at Oulu Museum of Art as part of LUMO, 22nd to 24th November
Created by John Collingswood & Tanja Råman
Photography by Jorge Lizalde, Alina Usurelu, Mikko Kinnunen
Performed by Claire Lambert, Alexander Windner Lieberman, Brisa MP, Yin Cheng-Kokott, Alina Usurelu, Efrat Rubin, Analia Celeste Muniz, Marianna Solomonidou, Niels Janssen, Jorge Lizalde, Jussi Alaraasakka, Henna Räsänen, Katariina Sofia, Jared van Earle