5th February – Rifts – MusicMakers Hacklab Finale | CTM 2023


Yin was supported in 2022 by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media within the framework of the initiative NEUSTART KULTUR, aid programm DIS-TANZEN by the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland.

30th October – Audio guide walk “A Walk with Ancestors”
23th October – Ancestral research workshop “Pushing Through Thresholds”
12th August – Lotto Royale | Club for Performance Art Gallery | T.E.N.T
28th August – Welcome home performance – Urbaner Kosmos
23th July – Welcome Home performance | Der Philosophische Flohmarkt
25th June – HEROYI NE VMYRAYUT – Welcome Home
23th April – HEROYI NE NMYRAYUT – Werlcome home
26th March – Creative Lab 3.0 *SPECIAL EDITION* online forum “Racialised Faces in ‚white‘ Creative Spaces”

9th December – Welcome home performance opening
14th November – Universal cry of the Womb | Club for Performance Art Gallery | T.E.N.T festival
11th April Ancestral Body Noise: Rituals of Real(ease)|EMBODIED ARTS FESTIVAL
21st March – Breathwork and Yoga Nidra
17st March – After Lisboa (official video) release
9th March – Liberation and the universal cry, sis with Yin Cheng-Kokkot I Ancestral Body Noise 2

8th February – Together Games in Frankfurt/Stuttgart|Eclat Festival
28th January – HIVE RISE in Berghain, Berlin|CTM 2020

18th July – HIVE RISE (workshop) at Wasserturm, Berlin
18th-24th November – Dance Hack – BODY OF LIGHT in Oulu, Finland

Sitting on a man’s head at KW Contemporary Art in Berlin | Berlin Biennale 2018