Hive Rise(workshop)

Ashley Fure delves into this site-specific magic with her new, hand-picked ensemble of ten performers who perform with an array of custom 3D-printed megaphones that have become one of her signature sound sources. Created in collaboration with Matter Design, these unique objects focus acoustic energy in highly directional streams and produce palpable psychoacoustic artifacts as they bounce off architectural surfaces.

Developing a piece commissioned by CTM Festival and the Artists-in-Berlin Program for CTM 2020’s edition Liminal, Ashley Fure spends the final months of her residency researching sound and movement tableaux in this site-specific wonderland. With megaphones that function more like bodily extensions than external instruments, she and her cast of collaborators research sound and movement patterns that explore posthuman kink, ritual acoustics, and the networked perceptions of the migratory hive mind.

Performed at Wasserturm Prenzlauerberg, July 2018
Created by Ashley Fure & Lilleth Glimcher
Composed by Ashley Fure
Directed by Lilleth Glimcher
Curated by Dahlia Borsche with DAAD Galarie Berlin
PERFORMED BY Jorge Osuna Sánchez, Josephine Brinkmann, Yin Cheng-Kokott, Siri Elmqvist, Julian Fricker, Camille Käse, Zwoisy Mears-Clark, Tatina Mejia, Assi Pakkanen, Valerie Raney