Body of Light
by TaikaBox, Oulu Dance Hack 2019

Oulu Dance Hack is an annual research and performance event that is organised by TaikaBox and Oulu University of Applied Sciences (OAMK) to bring together art, industry and education in a unique way. We joined as participants to explore technology in a performance context, connecting with artists from across the globe and performing to thousands of visitors at Oulu Light Festival (LUMO).

Photos taken from our street lights group, during performances at LUMO 2019.

Created by John Collingswood & Tanja Råman
Photogrpahy: Jorge Lizalde(1-5), Alina Usurelu(6-8), Mikko Kinnunen(9)
With Claire Lambert, Alexander Windner Lieberman, Brisa MP, Yin Cheng-Kokott, Alina Usurelu, Efrat Rubin, Analia Celeste Muniz, Marianna Solomonidou, Niels Janssen, Jorge Lizalde, Jussi Alaraasakka, Henna Räsänen, Katariina Sofia, Jared van Earle

You There: Installation Three
by Lilleth Glimcher

A healing film navigating dissociation and embodiment.

Created and Directed by Lilleth Glimcher
DP: Salma Salem
Featuring: Yin Cheng-Kokott, Camille Käse, Valery Renay, Annalise Van Evan, Soyong Dori, Siri Elquivist
PA: Bruno Rein

Hive Rise
by Ashley Fure, CTM 2020

Ashley Fure delves into this site-specific magic with her new, hand-picked ensemble of ten performers who perform with an array of custom 3D-printed megaphones that have become one of her signature sound sources. Created in collaboration with Matter Design, these unique objects focus acoustic energy in highly directional streams and produce palpable psychoacoustic artifacts as they bounce off architectural surfaces.

Developing a piece commissioned by CTM Festival and the Artists-in-Berlin Program for CTM 2020’s edition Liminal, Ashley Fure spends the final months of her residency researching sound and movement tableaux in this site-specific wonderland. With megaphones that function more like bodily extensions than external instruments, she and her cast of collaborators research sound and movement patterns that explore posthuman kink, ritual acoustics, and the networked perceptions of the migratory hive mind.

Created by Ashley Fure & Lilleth Glimcher
With Josephine Brinkmann, Yin Cheng-Kokott, Siri Elmqvist, Julian Fricker, Camille Käse, Zwoisy Mears-Clark, Tatiana Mejia, Jorge Osuna Sánchez, Assi Pakkanen, and Valerie Renay.

Installation 2 at CTM / Berghain / Berlin -January 28 2020

Installtion 3 (Together Games) at Ecalt Festival / Stuttgart Feb 2020 / Frankfurt May 2020

Women in Red for Libération
by Tabitha Cholet, Amsterdam’s UITMARKT 2019

A Feministic performance in the famous Pond on Museum Square. Represents a short introduction to the solo performance ‘Libération’ that will premiere at Fringe Amsterdam at CC Amstel Theater. A large group of strong women dance in water to express the universal #Metoo movement by repetitive intense movements reflecting the strong feminist call for change.

With Ainoa Lopez, Albertine Swagemakers, Alice D’Angelo, Dengling Levine, Elena Fonseca Neves, Elettra Piaggi, Enea Mingorance, Eva Giselle Rizzonelli, Eva Huisman, Fée-Lise Verbon, Frederikke Schultz, Heelin Altiner, Ilse van der Voorn, Jasmijn Antonisse, Julia Kannewischer, Julia McCall, Laila el Bazi, Lenke Boswijk, Linda Provenza, Lotte Kimberly Ruijs, Manoek Retera, Mariana Behoteguy Chávez, Natasia Bode, Nene Okada, Olga German, Paola Ancona, Pauline Vasquez Iduma, Rhiannon Lea, Róisín Laffan, Ruth Jager, Sophie Barendse, Tabitha Cholet, Tereza Holubová, Yin cheng-kokott, Yulia Kalinchenko

Photography: Tabitha Cholet & Jocelyne Moreau
Videography: Michelle Täht

Botanical Gardens

A creative photo shooting at Botanical Gardens.

Jewelry Designer: Anna Arroyo
Photography: Brinkley Capriola & Natalie Dodd

Body Games: Embody Virtual Reality
A MAZE. Berlin 2019

This workshop is about embodying virtual realities within ourselves. We will use body practices borrowed from different disciplines like contemporary dance or Butoh to explore virtual realities. Virtual realities within that are explored through movement.

Founder and Artistic director of A MAZE.: Thorsten S. Wiedemann

Sitting on a Man’s Head
by Okwui Okpokwasili, Biennale Berlin 2018

Okpokwasili collaborated with her partner Peter Born and a number of Berlin-based artists to produce a work that adopts the tactics of a form of protest traditionally practiced by women in eastern Nigeria, metaphorically called “sitting on a man’s head.” Through a collective invasion of seats of power, it was a strategy used to speak back, air grievances, and effect change. Okpokwasili and her collaborators present an unfolding score that can be activated by all who enter the proffered space. Both score and embodied space work in the service of resistance and self-preservation, so we can “come together, find each other, and call out.

with: Adrian Blount, Alexander Carillo, Andre Neely, Birte Opitz, Danilo Andrés, Dessa Ganda, Diana Thielen, Elvina Pinto, Jenny Ocampo, Josephine Brinkmann, Josephine Findeisen, Khadidiatou Bangoura, Kyle Patrick, Lena Bagutti, Malika Alaoui, Manuel Meza, Martha Hincapié Charry, Maya Gomez, Michelle Moura, Natascha Roy, Noa Mamrud, Rebecca Korang, Riako Napitupulu, Risa Kojima, Sarah Bouars, Wieland Möller, Yaron Maim, Yin Cheng, Yuri Shimaoka, Zwoisy Mears Clarke.

Buddha Child

Performer: Yin Cheng-Kokott
Costume concept: Yun Wang
Music: Tal Arditi
Videography and edited: Viona Li

Video Booth
by Christian Kokott, A.MAZE & Polish Institution Berlin 2018

Video Booth created by Christian Kokott
Performer: Yin Cheng-Kokott
Music: Tal Arditi
Videography & Edited: Viona Li
Produced with A.MAZE & Polish Institution Berlin

Performance Lab: The Embodied Self by Mia Lawrence, Munich 2016

Mia Lawrence with her dancers go on the search to the “embodied Self” with meditation, contemporary dance training, theory and practice. They explore the physical and creative potential as a collective in flowing performative structures.

Let’s create something together.