A journey allows one to open their third eye, being in present without missing out a life of fulfilment. Not attempt to give or receive, everything would happen, just like flower blossom and die, again and again. Living happens, suffering would end. And one learns to love, be love, create, recreate, embrace as a seeker, an artist, a human being. A journey for one who looks for answers and authenticity.

Reflections dedicated to the light within Self.


It was a core-shaking project instructed by Mia Lawrence in Munich, Germany. The travel created a space for my head to cool down, exploring unknown. Through daily practices, lectures, diary, and meditation, I discovered the new forms of performing arts and its essence.Meditation was the trigger within the program. It calms the inner being to be like still water. Be courageous to reflect the truth. The answer would be found when one start to seek. For both audience and performer to really be in the present, authenticity and vulnerability play the major part. Since then, I honor the body, mind and spirit. I live humbly and lovingly.

Questions & Answers

What is the obstacle?

It’s created by the mind, or we call it ego. She seems to like getting closer to the end of the loop, but thoughts and desires pop out, the road seems no end. One after the other, she solves on one puzzle and here come the harder ones. It’s when belief been shattered, darkness before the dawn. Someone says, ‘if one lights a fire for others, it will also brighten one’s own way.’

When inquiry becomes disturbances, what to do?

Simply drop it in. It doesn’t have to be a start of series questions. It will come out when the time is here.

What is the truth?

It’s true but also not true. When you need it, you believe it. When you don’t need it anymore, you drop it off.


First, find a way to quiet the body and mind.  Sitting, scanning the body, observing the sensations, tensions,… the mind begins to quiet, watching the breath, the rise and fall of the abdomen, continually letting go of the tensions as they arise, allowing the feelings to arise ( not repressing) but not identifying…..watching like a scientist what is arising and passing away.  then thoughts, memories, feelings.  noticing, naming, without identifying…..keep returning to the breath as the focus…

then, when the mind is quieter, look for the “i” that is watching the mind and body.  what is this “i”?  

who is thinking these thoughts?

where is the thinker?

what one observes cannot be the same as the one who is observing.

so one can not be one’s thoughts.


-Write down self-reflections when finishing a practice. Read through it afterward. Highlight words and sentences resonate oneself. Think again. Do the same practice patiently and consistently.

-Visual/Chakra meditation guides for beginners. Crown above the head is violet means higher self. Between eyebrows is dark purple means knowledge/instinct. The throat is turquoise means communications. Heart/upper body is light green means love/compassion. The diaphragm is dark yellow means money/power. The stomach is light orange means desire/sex. Below stomach and bottom is dark red means family/bases/instinct. Scan the body like a scientist. Start from the bottom of the feet, then ankles and so on. In the meanwhile, see the colors in each part of the body while scanning that particular part. Finish with three deep breaths. Whenever one is ready, gently bring the body back to space.

-Meditate for twenty minutes. In the meantime, keeping noting down one’s own thoughts whenever it arises. Go back to breathe, seeing the body up and down. After twenty minutes, starting the improvisation under the watch of your partner. Move by impulse. Keep noting thoughts and coming back to breathe if it arises again.

-Non stop shaking. Really try to change the breath by it.

-Make your partner move between spaces with directions including speed and positions playfully describing by words. Leave them alone following the same drive without the directions. Exchange positions and repeat the same exercise.

-Stop & go. Set up the whole theatre space for moving in between. The performers have to be aware of where to go and what the body gonna do. The performer needs to drop the energy before starting to walk toward another place.

-One move, one still. Two people get near to each other, connect to the feeling with each other. During relating process, taking the turn by free will to be the one who moves body freely. The other one continually connects and follows the one who moves. If ones lost connection, stopping the body. Do something new from the side.

-Tripartite shape. Reading, dancing and watching by different individuals, making relationships with each other.

-Projecting images. Live typing text reflecting the practice through the creating pieces. The screen is projecting on performer’s bodies. The rhythm is typing, stopping, scrolling and typing.


Meditation Inquiry Into the Self
The causes of pain and the five klesha
who am I Sri Nissaragata Maharaj

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