Stardust of my jungle adventure

Sitting on taxi, I say to driver, take me to the temple. Driver seems kind of scared. After all, its dark outside. Jump off the car, a little track right beside it, two other men also walk toward it. We start talking. A good feeling comes up. As long as I’m alone, this dark trackContinue reading “Stardust of my jungle adventure”

The born of Berlin Circus Festival – Josa Kölbel & John Hilliger

I met Kölbel and Hilliger at the Asian restaurant beside the theatre. They dress similar colors, sitting right across me. They are both German and the founder of Berlin Circus Festival; Josa Kölbel studied in Circus art and performance arts in France as a trapeze catcher; John Hilliger’s background is event management. They met eachContinue reading “The born of Berlin Circus Festival – Josa Kölbel & John Hilliger”

Organik Festival 2016

The moon is so bright, a blurry huge shadow that people waving hands just show it on a stone wall which right across the stage. Stand barefoot on the sand, the rain sudden fall. People stand on the sandy beach beside me, with big smiles on faces start dancing hard. Some of them look up to the sky, some ofContinue reading “Organik Festival 2016”

Spanish dream, Deltebre Dansa!

It is said that if you can dream it, you can make it. And this is how the Festival Deltebre Dansa began: with a dream. Since he started his studies and the artistic career as a professional dancer and choreographer, travelling has always seemed the only way out. But, ‘why should this be always likeContinue reading “Spanish dream, Deltebre Dansa!”